Local and Federation sponsored booking/referral services:

Local 98 assists potential live music purchasers in Edwardsville, IL and surrounding areas to find the right artist or group for their party, wedding, festival, corporate function or any other event that requires live music.  In addition, the AFM provides an international on-line referral service (free of charge to all members and potential purchasers) that is quickly becoming one of the largest Internet resources of its kind.

Signatory Booking Agents:

The AFM maintains an on-line list of franchised booking agents for the US and Canada.  It is also available in booklet form by contacting Local 98 or the AFM.  These agents are signatories to the AFM’s Booking Agent Agreement which sets standards for legally enforceable contracts specifying negotiated fees, working conditions, and commissions.

Exclusive Member Services:

Immigration Assistance:

The AFM is an international union representing professional musicians in both the United States and Canada.  On behalf of its members who accept gigs across the border, the Federation works with the governments of both countries to cut through the hassle of “red tape” usually associated with obtaining work visas in either location.  This assistance is available for both US and Canadian musicians.  There are specialized Canadian and US forms, formatted to conform to the laws of the individual countries, that are easy to complete, and provide comprehensive legal protection for either single engagement or touring dates.

Claims on Default:

In the event a purchaser defaults on payment to members for a contracted engagement, Local 98 and/or the AFM will work to resolve the dispute between the parties administratively.  Should this prove unsuccessful, Local 98 will pay members scale wages for the engagement and the Local and/or Federation will pursue the claim through a variety of legal methods.

Pension Fund:

Members have the option of having the employer make contributions to the Pension fund of up to 15% of wages paid on their behalf.  Please visit the fund’s website or contact their office (800) 833-8065 for more information.

Negotiated Agreements:

International, national and local agreements covering all types of musical work ensure fair and timely payments as well as benefits and royalties (where applicable) for the reuse and new use of music recorded under these agreements.

Legal Contracts:

A signed AFM contract offers you protection for individual engagements, steady engagements, and traveling work.  The AFM has standard form contracts that all members are entitled to use.  These contain the AFM seal and, when properly filled out and filed with the Local, allow local officers to help collect payments in the case of a default.  Forms are available for download from the AFM’s website, or at Local 98’s office.

AFM MasterCard:

The AFM MasterCard offers special rates, travel insurance benefits, and a special payment provision.  Contact the Local 98 office for details.

Legislative Representation:

The AFM is actively involved at the national, state and local levels, advocating and lobbying for legislation that benefits the lives of working musicians, including public funding for the arts.

International Musician Free Subscription:

The International Musician is the official journal of the AFM.  Published monthly and sent to all members, this informative newspaper delivers articles of current interest to professional musicians, such as educational resources, labor news, audition notices and help wanted ads.  The International Musician is also available online, beginning the first of each month, in the private members area of the AFM website.  Members may also search through past issues in the International Musician online archives.

Equipment Insurance:

Only you know the value of your instruments and equipment.  Just think of the amount of money it would take to replace them.  Most homeowner’s and renter’s insurance policies are not enough to protect you from loss, theft, or damage on location.  The AFM provides access to an “All-Risk” Musical Instrument and Equipment Insurance Plan.  Your instruments and music-related equipment are protected from vandalism, breakage, water, fire, lightning, and theft, up to their full replacement value.  If you are employed full-time, freelance, work out of your home, or are self-employed, this insurance protects the large investment you’ve made in your equipment.

Musicians’ Liability Insurance:

The AFM Business Liability Insurance Plan can provide you with protection up to a $2,000,000 aggregate limit each year.  With the AFM Business Liability Insurance Plan you’re covered for:

  • Suits arising out of covered bodily injury which occurs on or off premises as a result of your business activities.
  • Suits arising out of covered damage to property of others resulting from your musicians’ business activities.
  • Suits arising out of personal injury and advertising injury, including libel, slander, defamation of character, false arrest, detention and malicious prosecution.
  • Suits arising out of products’ liability resulting from the sale and/or serving of food and beverages or other products.
  • Suits arising out of host liquor liability when serving or giving alcoholic beverages at functions incidental to your business.
  • Suits arising out of real or alleged faults in work completed by, or for, your business resulting in bodily injury.
  • Suits arising from injury caused by the rendering of, or failure to render, health care services by non-professionals.
  • Suits arising from fire damage liability, for which you are legally liable, up to $100,000.
  • Defense against such suits in which the charges made may be groundless, false or fraudulent.

Other Available Insurances:

  • Accidental death and dismemberment plan
  • Cancer care protection plan
  • Catastrophic major medical plan
  • Disability income plan
  • Group term life plan
  • Hospital indemnity plan
  • Major medical plans
  • Short term medical plan

A Collective Voice:

It is only through the combined efforts of members, that Local 98 and the AFM are able to better the position of musicians in our society.  As a collective unit, we not only have a strong voice in collective bargaining and government lobbying, but anywhere that musicians work.  As a member, you will have a voice in deciding our collective future.